The Filipino Value of "Matiisin"

Written By Lorna on Friday, October 14, 2011 | 10:40 PM

The Filipino  is by native " matiisin" (patient)  because he is "mapagmahal" (loving). This is the kind of virtue that gets beneath the surface of a Filipino which form part of his true identity. "Pagtitiis" (patience) is a source of strength and a sign of challenge that can only be understood by those who have reached a reasonable level of maturity.

The Filipino values of "pagtitiis" is properly directed can lead to the positive "paninindigan". A true Filipino will not indulge himself in instant excitement if it will mean not facing up his responsibility. "Pagtitiis" that knows the meaning of reasonable postponement of desire and that is ready to face the challenge of responsibility will realize a great fulfillment of love. "Pagtitiis" as a positive value understands the meaning and demands of true love.

"Pagtitiis" removes the feeling of jealousy, that powerful feeling, special kind of anxiety, the trip switch of the worst of all anti-personal devices, human rage.

"Pagtitiis" is the value which always urge the Filipino to take another step in relationship with others. It impels the Filipino to reach out for the sake of other persons even when the price of doing this may be pain and suffering for himself.

"Pagtitiis" touches friends, husbands, wives and the whole loving Filipino families and asks that they transform their love from something exclusive to something inclusive.

Because of the  value of "pagtitiis", the Filipino can follow Christ's mandate of loving our enemies. Filipinos show some courtesy and hospitality, as part of their "kaugalian" (ways) as long as the enemies won't really turn them off. This is not easy because once the Filipinos are hurt, they are liable to to keep their guard up for a while. "Pagtitiis" demands that we make ourselves open to getting hurt all over again.