Filipino Traits Enriched By Foreigners

Written By Lorna on Sunday, October 16, 2011 | 11:28 PM

Filipino traits were enriched by foreigners who lived in the Philippines. Such influences helped Filipinos to become better and more productive citizens of the country.

Chinese. The first Chinese to arrive and live in the Philippines were traders. The Chinese were hard workers, disciplined, and honest. They also demonstrated dignity of work and were not choosy in the jobs they do.

Muslims from Southeast Asia. Islam was brought to the Philippines by Muslim trader and missionaries from nearby Southeast Asian countries, mainly Indonesia and Malaysia. The spiritual influence of these Muslim traders resulted in the conversion of many Filipinos to Islam. The devotion of Filipino Muslims to their faith serves as an example to other Filipinos. They believe that the teachings of their religion must be faithfully followed.

Spaniards. The arrival of the Spaniards brought many changes in the way of life of Filipinos. Christianity was introduced and it enriched the spirituality of Filipinos. Going to church and praying are part of their expression of faith. Helping other people is also a sign that Filipinos are practicing the teachings of their faith.

Americans. The Americans colonized the Philippines after the Spaniards. They instilled in the Filipinos the value of good education as a means of improving one's life. The Americans introduced the public school system and gave many Filipinos a chance to learn. They built schools in the different provinces and taught many Filipinos how to read, write, and count. The Americans also emphasized the importance of the following laws and respecting the rights of all people.