12 Outstanding Pinay Character Actresses

Written By Lorna on Friday, October 28, 2011 | 9:01 PM

A columnist of Tempo,  Philippine local newspaper, named in his Highspeed column the 12 outstanding character actresses in the Philippine cinema. All of them are active in showbiz, listed in no particular order:

PERLA BAUTISTA- Leading lady of the '60s, FAMAS and Urian awardee, loved and respected.
ANITA LINDA- Queen of Premiere Productions of the '50s, still very much around these days.
CARIDAD SANCHEZ- Cebu's contribution to Philippine cinema, all around actress, excellent in dramatic and comic roles.
GINA PAREÑO-  The most talented of the Stars 66 batch, survivor and unsikable. Honored here and abroad. Urian actress of the decade.
LIZA LORENA- Miss Luzon of the '60s, from glamor girl to award-winning actress.
CHANDA ROMERO- Sex symbol of the '70s who developed into a fine actress.
CELIA RODRIGUEZ- Quotable star, glamor girl.
CHERRY PIE PICACHE- Should be included in the list of all-time greats. Urian actress of the decade.
JACLYN JOSE- From daring to baring star ( think "Private Show") too much honored actress.
BING LOYZAGA- Especially effective in contravida characters.
ANA CAPRI- A sexpot who can act, best actress for "Pila Balde", given by an international filmfest, Cinemanila.
ANGEL AQUINO- Give her any role and she'll come out winner.