The Filipino Family

Written By Lorna on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 11:14 PM

To have a loving and caring family is another goal of Filipinos. The family is where Filipinos first learn about values and good behavior.

Filipinos do their best to have a good and loving family.  Members of the family respect, trust and love one another. They make sure that problems are solved
by helping one another.

Children respect the parents and the older members of the family. Using respectful words like "po" and "opo" is an example of showing respect.

Respect is also shown by calling family members tatay (father), nanay (mother), kuya (elder brother),  ate(elder sister),  lolo (grandfather),  lola (grandmother), and other respectful titles. Consulting members of the family when making important decisions is also a sign of respect.

Children follow their parents because they trust and respect them. When parents trust their children, it inspires the children to do what is right.