Expressions That Depict Filipino Spirituality

Written By Lorna on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 4:04 AM

The Filipino  is by nature a religious and spiritual man. Let me enumerate the Filipino expressions that describe  the spirituality of the Filipino.
1. "Sa awa ng Diyos" (With God's Mercy) --a typical  Filipino acclamation his trust in God.
2. "Diyos ko!" (My God!) -- An exclaim subconsciously by a Filipino when he is in crisis.
3. "Bahala na. May-awa ang Diyos" (What will be, will be. God is Merciful) -- A Filipino utterance when he draws his last card.
4. "Nasa Diyos ang Awa, nasa tao ang Gawa" (Man proposes, God disposes) -- A Filipino statement that shows his reliance on God's almightiness.
5. "Kaloob ng Diyos" ( God sent) --This is an expression of the Filipino's positive attitude to whatever fate God sends him.
6. "Sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa" ( May he rest in peace) --  This is a sympathetic remark uttered by a Filipino upon learning the demise of an acquaintance.
7. "Adiyos" (God be with you) -- This is a customary word of a Filipino when parting from someone.