Our Filipino Religiosity

Written By Lorna on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 8:15 PM

We Filipinos, as a general rule, are a religious lot. Our external religiosity, most of which hark back to our Catholic heritage of the Spanish colonial period of the 17th-18th centuries when our country was bajo las campanas (under the church bells).

1. The practice of making the sign of the cross (pag-aantanda)
when leaving the house, starting on a trip, passing by a Catholic church building, meeting a funeral procession along the way, etc.

2. The procession which wend their way along the principal streets of our towns. 

3. Our town fiestas which are in honor of the patron saints of the local areas.

4. Some of our declared holidays are religious holy days ( Maundy Thursday,    Good Friday, All Saints' Day, Christmas Day).

5. The baptism and confirmation of the children.

6. The wakes and funerals for our departed friends, relatives and neighbors. 

7. The blessing of new houses and other buildings which are ready for occupancy.

8. The singing of pasyong mahal during Lent.

9. The given names of our elder folk which were taken from from the calendar of saints, now a dying tradition among the "new" generation.

10.  Maniature images of the Blessed Virgin MAry sometimes hang from the rear view mirrors of some cars and jeepneys.

11. The big crowd which converge in Baclaran on Wednesdays, or in Quiapo on Fridays, especially during the procession of the Black Nazarene.

12. The nine-day misa de gallo or simbang gabi preceding Christmas.

13. The yearly anniversary of our people power revolution when priests and nuns lead out in holding masses all the Our Lady of Peace shrine in EDSA.

14. The praying of the rosary, especially when danger threatens.

15. The preaching on our buses and marketplaces, which are usually followed by the collection of offerings.

16. The saying of prayers five times a day among our Muslim fellowmen.

And what shall we say more? This listing would be tedious should we elaborate on our Santa Cruz de Mayo, the penitencia during Viernes Santo (Good Friday), the feasts of San Isidro Labrador, of San Juan Bautista, the fluvial procession of PenafraƱcia and of Bocaue, and so on , and so forth..

The Feast of Our Lady of PenafraƱcia, Naga City, Philippines